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About is an independent news portal in Danish, which was established in late 2012. has the latest news on the newest and smartest gadgets release. The site became since its launch, very popular and is visited today by hundreds of readers from Denmark.

On the page, visitors can read about:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Apps
  • Other - other news about gadgets, technolgy and more

Since's release of the page, it got many commends for its beautiful design and its fast release of the latest news.

As a news portal site we try to give the readers the best experience on, by expanding and improving the site and provide the best and fastest articles.'s slogan is - "Take a bite of the newest and smartest gadgets".

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We also offer to advertise on our mobile version of our website. Please visit via a smartphone to get an overview of the mobile version, as well as how the current ads on the mobile version looks like. All ads may appear in flash, jpg, png or gif. Audio or video is not permitted.

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